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Cover Funnel works with great restaurants just like yours to help make more money. Even with busy restaurants, there are always ways to get better. Better margins, more repeat diners, and cost-effective restaurant marketing that works.

Technology is changing the game, are you ready to capitalize on the benefits? Do you want instant access to what brings your customers back? We can help!

We are industry veterans of Google search, web development, social media marketing, data analysis, and restaurant operations. Take advantage of our talented group of partners and set yourself up for real growth and better margins.

We love working with all types and driving them through the plateaus that come. We only take on serious Restaurant clients that we are sure we can help after doing a short review of the business. Let's talk and make sure we are a great fit for you.

Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation. At the very least, you'll learn more about the dynamic ways the industry is changing and how you can capitalize!

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We reached out to Cover Funnel to streamline our online marketing, source new guests and optimize our service to ‘wow’ them.Their team was a pleasure to work with and was responsive to our specific concept needs.

- Matthew Carlin
President Metropolitan Hospitality Group

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Meet The Founder: Aaron

My mission is to empower others to grow and develop their dream business by building inspired, high-performance teams

After 20 years in the hospitality industry from Director of Operations in upscale steakhouses to nightclub owner and operator, Aaron has seen it all. In addition to the service industry, he ran sales and internet marketing for a software company in the travel and tourism industry gaining valuable insight on how to target and attract the people that buy. Having trained multiple staffs and management teams for leadership and development we are sure to provide you with the growth you're looking for. After finding a system that works Aaron decided to take his system and training to other business owners that are looking for ways to grow their sales and make more profit.

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