Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of travelers are exposed to new restaurants online first. Are you positioned to capitalize on those that are searching in your area? With our Web Services, we can make sure you are in the best position to capture and continue to market to potential guests long after they leave your site.

Boost Cover Counts

Through Cover Funnel’s variety of different approaches, we will drive more diners through your doors. The vast majority of new diners will find you via online search, targeted social media ads, and location-based searches. Our goal is to put you in front of your competition and increase guests counts by leveraging multiple approaches and finding what works best for your business’s audience.

Turn Media into Dollars

Not only do we offer PR Services, but we also implement strategies to get that press in front of the people with the best chance of turning into paying customers. A great article on your food or restaurant is only as good as the paper it was printed on if it doesn’t turn into top line revenue and sales growth.

Make the most out of your Press

With our PR capabilities, we can target the publications that will speak to your target audience and carry the most punch. Our goal is to drive the right customers that will enjoy your brand and turn into regular guests once captured.

Maximize Web Traffic

Through targeted strategies we can create the experience and information that guests look for when they are searching for their next dining experience. Whether it’s a value proposition for affordability or the promise of an amazing experience, it’s all about delivering the right message to your traffic.

Social Media Management

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform we can set you up for long term success by aggressively targeting your user base and expanding your range. We find the best and cheapest way to drive conversions to your site that turn into paying customers.

Dominate on Google

Utilizing SEO and Paid Ads Cover Funnel’s Google Certified team members can leverage the most popular search engines to leapfrog your competition. With proper execution and content, you can rise above your competitors. It’s all about competing online, the restaurants at the top drive more from online searching guests, simple as that.

Create New Media

We can help guide you in your social postings as well as leveraging PR services to garner the attention of publications and bloggers alike. From the local to the national level Cover Funnel is equipped to handle the needs of any business.

Retarget and Remarketing Website Visitors

Have you ever been shopping for something online and later see and add for that exact item on another site? Wouldn’t it be nice if your business could do that? Well now you can, we can set up remarketing campaigns to continue to promote your business to your website visitors and email list on a continuing basis to keep your business in front of them.

Create Automated Email Campaigns to your List

We can help get your email campaigns set up and guide you through the best practices to drive return guests to your door. Emails with relevant information for your clientele can be very effective when time and content meet the individual needs of the consumer.

Optimize your Website to Appeal to your Target Audience

If someone shows up to your site and they aren’t immediately engaged they click away, that small action can drive you down the ranks in search. We can help you to drive clicks and engagement with content that your visitors are looking for along with web design and integrating with social networks for maximum exposure.

Website Copywriting

Is your message resonating with your website visitors? We can help you there by either handling your website copywriting or giving you guidance and training on best practices that you can take with you in the future.

WiFi Social Sharing

We can utilize a system for your restaurant’s wifi that prompts a guest to “check-in” via their social networks or submit their email in order to use your wifi. This can be a very useful tool in creating very cheap exposure and brand awareness as well as gaining contact information.