How It Works

Finally! A Simple Process for Increasing Returns on your Restaurant Marketing.

Aaron Rentfrew – Founder, Cover Funnel

Everyone is fighting for the same group of diners. We can help you rise above the competition.

In order to explain how it works, it often helps to explain the problem that some don’t even know they have. The game is changing with regards to customer acquisition. These questions are just a few to get you focused on where we are looking.

  • Are you able to stand out, why are you different?
  • Who is looking at the data to form a strategy based on customer behavior?
  • Has anyone looked at all your reviews recently and made adjustments?
  • What percentage of guests are returning?
  • Are we in front of our target audience?
  • Are we selling the right message for that audience?
  • Are we positioned for growth?

But – here’s the problem – if your management team is doing all that, who is taking care of the guests and staff???

Ahhhh, the restaurant life is tough. This is where we come in, and here is what we do.

  • Drive traffic from your target audience
  • Get them excited about your restaurant
  • Give them the experience they expected
  • Get them to return and become fans
  • Reduce expenses – and boom – you’re making money
  • There’s much more we offer but you get the picture!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it can be if you know where to spend your valuable marketing dollars.

All of these puzzle pieces are vital for success and growth. Cover Funnel can help you balance these pieces and save time and money.

We have the tools and partnerships to add tremendous value at a cost that is well below the average “consultant.” (a term that we are not a fan of here)

Maximize your revenue by using marketing strategies that work for your ideal guest. It’s not a one size fits all approach, our goal is to get exponential returns on your investment with sustainable growth after our work is done.

We guarantee it. So stop sweating your marketing tactics on your own and partner with us for true experts in this field.

To find out more about the marketing and consulting services we provide, contact us for a free consultation to find out exactly what we can do for your restaurant.

The Key to Restaurant Business Success

Let the Our Team Help Drive Sales and Growth

Social Media Marketing Experts

Winning Ads that Convert

Experienced Team of Professionals

Stunning Web Designs

All-in-One Solution for Digital Marketing

Specifically Designed Sales Funnel for Restaurants

#1 Describe your needs

Tell us a little bit about your business. Are you looking to simply boost your online presence, or looking to revamp the entire customer experience?

#2 Onboarding

Once we are sure we are a good fit for your needs we will submit a plan of action proposal to you complete with pricing for each category needed along with expectations.

#3 Implementing

When all the details are sorted out and agreed upon we will need a point of contact within your business so we can get to work on the most pressing issues straight away.

#4 Communication

Throughout this process there will be open lines of communication and regular feedback as to how all efforts are being received and targets being met.

#5 Soft Landing

As we work together we will be honing in and constantly improving your strategy for growth. Upon completion, the idea is to either continue working together, or set you up for continued success on your own. We will supply you an exit strategy based on the most beneficial approaches we find along with all relevant data we acquire. The goal is to have your business humming for continued growth long after we part.

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