Data Analysis

Resturant Business Data in the palm of your hand to help you drive decisions

Welcome to a Better Approach to Restaurant Management

Right now, there are hidden pockets of revenue sitting in your business waiting to be discovered.

New technologies are taking the restaurant business by storm.

Stop wasting countless hours on spreadsheets and printed reports. It’s a waste of time and a productivity killer!

Let your managers cater to guests and staff rather than dig through piles of papers and POS Reports (which often get pushed aside).

Want to know the secret for growth? It’s right there in the numbers your business generates waiting to be discovered.

As an Upserve Partner, Cover Funnel can set your restaurant up for success and give you the big data tools for a few bucks a day. Identify things that are bringing people back – or making them never return – and create actionable decisions based on customer behavior.

On top of that, Cover Funnel is offering all new clients 2 months of free Data Analysis Services to kickstart your experience and help you start making decisions that lead to real profit! Read More Below

All The Insights You Need In One Place

We offer the following packages:


  • Monthly Reporting
    Includes a custom data report from the Cover Funnel Team each month specific to your restaurant's needs and based on the real data your business produces
  • Data Review and Summary
    Detailed analysis on the numbers your business creates as well as a summary of trends on a business level for actionable fact-based decision making
  • Review Analysis
  • Service Analysis
  • Menu Analytics
  • Forecast
  • Training Wrap-Up
    Monthly staff training report based on opportunities we see for increased revenue and cutting costs
  • Recommendations based on data


  • Bi-Weekly Reporting
    Includes a custom data report from the Cover Funnel Team every two week specific to your restaurant's needs. Incredibly useful overview for making decisions backed by the numbers your business creates!
  • Data Review and Summary
  • Service Analysis
  • Menu Analytics
  • Data Based Menu Strategy
  • Service Training Recommendations
  • Marketing Overview
  • Recommendations based on data


  • Weekly Reporting
    Includes a custom data report from the Cover Funnel Team each week specific to your restaurant's needs. Sent out weely for you to bring to your meetings, it's like having a team of data experts right there in the room with you!
  • Data Review and Summary
    Detailed analysis on the numbers your business creates to paint a picture of trends on a business level with a summary you can take into management meetings
  • Third Party Review Responses
    Yelp, Tripadvisor and OpenTable monitoring and custom tailored response emails to those managing the account (or we can manage them for you)
  • Rapid Review Response
  • Damage Control
    We look for negative changes in the numbers, flag them and provide actionable feedback you can use to quickly adjust. Spikes in voids and labor overtime are just a few of the items we monitor
  • Service Analysis
    Tracking of service trends such as product mix, turn times, repeat guests, and standout sales for particular staff members which is very useful for implimenting training and staff development for those falling behind average
  • Staffing Review
    Providing feedback on different metrics to guage efficiency and staff productivity as well as flagging those nearing overtime to cut costs on labor
  • Menu Analytics
    Reporting on menu trends and opportunities on a monthly basis which is vital for forcasting and ordering inventory
  • Data Based Menu Strategy
    Using data we can find out which dishes are more likely to bring guest back in the door over time. Also, we can flag the items more likely to cause a guest NOT to return. Vital for continued growth!
  • Service Training Recommendations
    Based on the service analysis an staffing review we will make targeted training recommendations for continued growth and development of your staff
  • Service Training Materials
    We can provide training materials for any program you plan to impliment with regards to Cover Funnel recommendations
  • Marketing Overview
    Cover Funnel experts will review your current and upcoming marketing initiatives via the numbers to find out where you are getting the most bang for your buck and offer services to expand in the best areas for growth
  • Recommendations based on data
    General overview with actionable bullet points to changes you can make base on the numbers. This is based on the actual numbers that your business creates and extremely useful in making the best fact-based decisions

Restaurant Data Analysis Packages Will Work for You

Never spend thousands of dollars a month on high priced in-house consultants. That’s what your management team is for. What our service offers is a simple solution to making better decisions that your team can put in place.

When we talk to restaurant owners and managers all over the country, they are all thirsting for the same thing.

  • Better Margins
  • Repeat Diners
  • More Reservations
  • Better Strategy
  • More Time with Guests
  • Increased Productivity

Cover Funnel Data Analysis Services checks all these boxes. With integrated software, we can generate and read the numbers that your business produces. These numbers are the backbone of your business, reading them incorrectly or not at all can spell disaster.

We are so sure that you will get your money’s worth that we are willing to offer our services for FREE for a limited time so you can witness the power of data in your business.

Contact us now to learn more about what Cover Funnel can do for you; this risk-free offer will only be available for a short time and carries no long-term commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many restaurants does this pricing cover?

Pricing is per location, if you own multiple units we can offer bundled packages upon request. Please reach out to us for a consultation for all multi-unit pricing.

Where does the data come from?

We are partners with Upserve which can supply an amazing amount of data from your restaurant POS and other sources. If you are not a current Upserve customer reach out to us today to learn more. We can have you set up at minimal cost in no time at all. If you are not interested in data software we can still provide services but it will require a more hands on approach with someone on site in your restaurant.

What if I want to cancel Cover Funnel Services?

Our services typically run on 3-6 month contracts, data analysis take a bit of time to paint a clear picture of the changes that will add to your bottom line. That being said, our contracts are still very straightforward, simple, and written with a 30 day no-hassle cancellation. We are confident that you will find great value in the services rendered and will work with you on an exit strategy.

What can I expect with these services?

Our data analysis will provide you with insights into your customer behavior and supply you with actionable recommendations to expand the things that are working and discontinuing the things that are losing you customers. Cover Funnel data analysis is simply based on raw data, we look at things from a different angle to provide you with valuable insights into your business that would otherwise go unnoticed. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Want to know the secret for growth? It’s right there in the numbers your business generates waiting to be discovered. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. A no pressure phone call where we talk about ways to leverage data to drive business goals.

What does “two months of free Data Analysis” include?

For starters, consultants think we are crazy for giving this service away for free(most of them charge thousands per month). Those already working within our system are amazed at the value they are getting.

Restaurants produce a tremendous amount of useful data. Most of this information goes unused. Our aim is to help restaurants make better business decisions based on that data.

Provided you qualify for our Free Data Analysis Service we will pour through your information and provide your team with actionable feedback outlined in the Standard Package.

There are no strings attached here. There’s no commitment to continue services after your two free months have expired.

The only contingency would be, that you already have, or are willing to set up a service to compile and organize the data. We can refer you to one of our partners for a very inexpensive way to do this if you don’t already have a service. Without that it would be very costly and time consuming to organize all the numbers for the restaurant management team.

There’s no downside here. During our time working together, we guarantee you we will make you more money, and change the way you think about your data in the future.

Your restaurant is a business, take advantage of the wealth of information available to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Schedule your Consultation now, space is limited for this one time offer!

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