Cover Funnel services can literally pay for themselves in no time. A second or third set of eyes is always a good idea when it comes to overall costs analysis. With our services, you can select and pinpoint any area you deem necessary. Help your business increase profits and grow the bottom line. Often times these are simple fixes that require little effort at all other than a change in strategy. Reach out to us today for a free consultation to learn more.

Liquor Cost and Strategy

For Restaurants and Bars some of the best margins are on Wine and Cocktails. Having a bad Liquor Cost or Wine Cost can cost the average restaurant thousands of dollars a month and crush their bottom line at the end of the year.

Cost Cutting for Food

There’s always a delicate balance between keeping the quality where you wanting it and still making a proper margin. Sometimes a simple menu design can fix things. Sometimes it’s renegotiating costs from your distributors and auditing recipes, let us help!

Cost Cutting for Beverage

Are you offering the best and highest margin non-alcoholic beverages? Are you paying the right prices for these products or stuck with certain distributors? Getting these costs in line can help with easy high margin sales with minimal changes.

Wine List Design

Every region and cuisine is different when it comes to the selection that should be offered to excite your customer base. Presentation and selection is everything with wine and we are here to help. With decades in the wine business we are well equipped to advise.

Menu Design

Menu Design is probably the most underestimated way to benefit your food cost and profitability. Are you highlighting the right items while still making sure that that your go-to dish gets the needed attention? It’s all about how you present your information.

P&L Guidance

Understanding the numbers behind profitability is vital to staying in the restaurant business. This is a business of margins and costs. Cover Funnel is well equipped to break down an accurate P&L and advise on changes to increase profitability and keep quality.

FOH & BOH Labor

Labor is the largest expense for most restaurants. It can literally sink your business if not handled appropriately. Often times an outside set of eyes can pinpoint your issues and dramatically increase your bottom line without sacrificing service.