Hospitality Marketing Trends and Tricks

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May 28, 2016
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June 9, 2016
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Hospitality Marketing Trends and Tricks

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The biggest trick to keeping your restaurant in the public’s consciousness is by consistently serving quality food. It can’t be just about that idea though, because you need to strive to bring in new business all the time. Your restaurant marketing ideas should be spot on to gain access to your target market. Restaurant goers are a fickle crowd, since there are so many options in the food industry to peak their interests. Having the right restaurant consulting firm to manage your accelerated hospitality marketing tasks is going to net you significant gains in bringing in customers. Here are some of the newer trends and tricks in your restaurant marketing strategy.

Seek Out Community Involvement

This includes reaching out to businesses in your area to promote your restaurant. Don’t be afraid of community involvement. That includes being a part of all summer festivals, art fairs, and foodie events that you can set up a table at to promote your restaurant. Serve something easy to make that will showcase your best work. All year long there are these types of events indoors and outdoors all over your city, which is the perfect way to gain visibility for your restaurant.

Select The Right People For “Word Of Mouth” Marketing

Obviously as a restaurant owner you are going to want to tell people to come to your place. You also want to hit up key people in your area that will also help you promote. That includes the concierge staff of all your local hotels. They are going to make the recommendations for you when they have guests that come to the front asking about the best places to eat.

If you are friendly and give those right people incentives they will be more than happy to promote your restaurant. Leave them fliers, menus, and other materials that they can easily give to guests to direct them to your dining establishment. Reward those front desk staff and concierges with free meals here and there to keep them talking up your place with this street level form of “word of mouth” marketing.

Use Your Customers

Give them incentives when they come in to engage with your restaurant on social media. Tell them if they sign up on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page they will get a percentage off of their food, or a free appetizer. Something along those lines. Or  encourage them to leave positive reviews on Yelp, so that you build interest in your restaurant that way. Having the forethought to ask your customers to “spread the word” is a smart move on all marketing fronts. Don’t be shy about promoting your business! If you need additional help in restaurant consulting with proven marketing tactics that work, call on Cover Funnel today to help you put together a comprehensive plan that will best market your restaurant.

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