Navigating Yelp, OpenTable, and Trip Advisor Alone can be a Pain!

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August 22, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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Navigating Yelp, OpenTable, and Trip Advisor Alone can be a Pain!

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Tackling All 3rd Party Restaurant Review Sites On One Dashboard

The customer experience is unarguably a critical consideration for all types of businesses. Positive experiences that allow clients ask questions and resolve their issues help them to develop positive pictures of a restaurant.

Creating optimal customer experiences may be difficult for small restaurants who have a single location. This process becomes even more complicated when restaurants have many franchisees involving multiple locations.

The massive consumer shift to digital communications has changed the means which current and prospective customers use to interact with restaurants.

Restaurant management and the changing face of customer experience

A few decades ago, options available to consumers social contact and outreach were limited. They had an option of visiting a physical location or calling or writing to the faraway head office. Information had a tendency to travel slowly, and it was stressful to make a complaint on issues that occurred frequently.

The digital and Internet-driven era have irreversibly changed how consumers interact with restaurants as well as the nature of the interactions.

Such interactions between restaurants and consumers are now more frequently shown in the full public view. Even though more private options are still in existence and play a significant role in customer experience, they’re more of a complementary consideration than the countless social media interactions businesses and customers have every day on social media.

For multi-location restaurants, this enhancement creates an awkward situation. Restaurant strategy is necessary to monitor and also respond to queries on both corporate and individual levels. Where restaurant management fails to do so, they’ll potentially harm their customer-business relationship and create a negative or unsatisfying customer experience.

Rating and Review Websites

The increase of third-party rating and review sites adds a different dimension to the customer experience climate. Reviews generated by local and national mass media continues to have a large impact on the procuring decisions of consumers and recommendations plays a role as well. However, customers now have access to huge amounts of restaurant data related to personal experiences of different individuals at nearby locations.

Sites that feature dedicated rankings and reviews offer a cumulative measure of a restaurant, as well as the unique details from visitors, are now routine in the analytical methods of customers that eventually lead to picking a restaurant.

To make positive changes in the guest experience, restaurants must also monitor review and rating websites and interact with their consumers posting on such pages when appropriate.

Digging through Yelp and OpenTable reviews can be a time-consuming activity for restaurants with just a single location and more challenging for large chain restaurants with many stores across a region.

All Third Party Review Sites on one Dashboard

Restaurants need a solution for the customer experience process. Using some software can help simplify this entire process and allow restaurants to view all third party review sites on a single dashboard.

The software should allow digital asset management and menu optimization on a responsive level for restaurants with multiple locations.

It should also enable restaurants to proficiently and intuitively view, organize, and respond to communications from customers on different websites where they post their concerns, questions, and complaints.

With newly available software, restaurants can manage their customer experience and increase the chances for positive adjustments for every location, every time.

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