Restaurant Marketing: Food Pics and Social Media

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August 4, 2016
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Restaurant Marketing: Food Pics and Social Media

social media marketing and food pics

Great Food Pics can Really Boost Your Business

If you scroll through your Instagram feed today, you will come across numerous selfies, and in between them, there will be food pictures.

In today’s world, food photography has become a vital part of the modern dining experience as it encourages customers to try out new dishes. Restaurant operators have to ensure that they focus their efforts to satisfy the prevailing demand.

According to social media experts, social media has pushed photography to the forefront and is the primary mode of communication used by the younger generation. However, the single most challenge is that most of the photos taken are out the operator’s control, and there is an urgent need for them to take back control so as to make sure that their efforts are properly presented.

The following tips will help you improve the photos you take and post on social media networks for restaurant marketing purposes.

Lighten Up

So as to optimize food photography, there is a need for you to make use of the available natural light, whether using a Smartphone or a camera to take the pictures.

For phones, sunlight will be your greatest friend, hence the need to take the food by the windows. You can also take the pictures when the weather is a little bit overcast.

Keep It Simple

You have to choose your photography angles properly. Make sure that the angle chosen is one that highlights the food well.

At times, you will find people shooting the food from the top as it looks best at that angle, but if you were to shoot a burger from such an angle, you would end up only seeing the bun.

Keep It Real

Always ensure that the pictures you are taking to post on social media are real. You will find that people have a great response to real pictures.

For instance, you can capture the messiness of your burger through tight shooting. A sharp picture is classified as one where a customer sees the picture and immediately makes the decision that they must have one.

Put a Person in Your Pictures

A recent study conducted in over one point one million Instagram photos showed that images that have people in them are more likely to get likes (thirty-eight percent).

The same study also demonstrated that such images are more likely to get comments (thirty-two percent).

Post the Pictures Wisely

You should have all your photos go through a single point person. When you do this, you not only manage the flow of posts, but you also help make sure that things do not become repetitive.

You also need to time when to share the pictures correctly. The best time to post food pictures will be an hour before lunch hour or dinner time when most people are hungry.

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