How It Works

Our goal is to make the process for our clients as seamless as possible; we start with a free consultation, clear expectations, and up-front pricing. Cover Funnel is different because as restaurant professionals ourselves we understand your issues within the restaurant. With us, you get the marketing and PR capabilities with the knowledge of a restaurateur. Learn More about our simple process.


In-House Services

Creating a sales funnel for software is one thing, creating a funnel for a restaurant or bar is an entirely different animal. Our goal is to catch the leaks in your sales funnel and set you up for long-term success by maximizing your ability to drive traffic AND keep them coming back for more! Learn more about our In-House Services.


Web Services

If you’re not trying to dominate online, then chances are you are falling behind the curve. The restaurant world is a dynamic one. PR will only get you so far as the majority of consumers have taken their spending decisions into their own hands. Make sure that you are the one capitalizing on these changes and positioned for long-term growth. Learn more about Cover Funnel Web Services.


Cost of Goods

Now that you’ve got the customers coming in, and you are poised to bring them back it’s time to take a look at that bottom line. Is there money escaping? Are all of the cracks sealed? Be sure have all of your costs in line and where they should be to bring as much money as possible to the bottom line. A few points here and there can be the difference between success and failure. Learn more about our Cost of Goods Services.



Our goal at Cover Funnel is to help you make the right decisions to put you on a path to success. That doesn’t include hiding secrets and not giving freely of some of our tactics and information. Feel free to read our blog and share with your friends! We would love to hear your feedback if there is an article you’d like to read as well. We would be glad to dish out the information, email us at