Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Work

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Work

When you walk down any busy street in America you’ll notice one thing. There are a lot of restaurants out there. Trying to decide where to eat is practically a sport for people who love food. So what should you do as a restaurant owner to make sure that your restaurant marketing ideas are going to net you results? In other words, you need to get those people in your seats to serve them food that will keep them coming back for more. It’s just that easy. Hospitality marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, it just need to be effective. Our restaurant consulting firm, Cover Funnel, is geared towards making your establishment stand out above the rest.

Win At Social Media

This means keeping your social media accounts for your restaurant constantly updated. You want as many followers and “likes” as possible. Don’t underestimate the fact that social media is a popularity contest. Win it! If you let these pages go stale, people will stop frequenting them. The public enjoys seeing updates about your restaurant to show your brand’s personality. Keep posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (The Big Three) short, inventive, and chock full of tasty professional pictures.

Email Marketing With a Purpose

If you choose to send out an email with a restaurant newsletter or information about events, give your customers some incentive. Offer a contest where they can win something of value, like a free dinner for two. Or you can encourage them to stop by the restaurant with a mention of the email to win something else, such as a free appetizer, or dessert. When you see the response from your customers, you’ll know how effective your strategies are truly with your email blasts.

Monitor Your Reviews

There are programs you can sign up for that will alert you to bad reviews on Yelp, so that you can respond to them. You want to monitor these reviews, good and bad, carefully so that you are making sure to continue doing the things in the restaurant that you are doing right, and correcting any wrongs. People are obsessed with checking out online reviews of the places they dine at, don’t let bad reviews derail your business.

Having the right restaurant consultant at your fingertips is going to help guide you in the right direction with your marketing tactics. It’s an ongoing battle to achieve prominence in your restaurant with the killer competition that is out there in the food industry. Cover Funnel can get you the return on your investment with these best marketing strategies, and so much more.


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